• Hair Thickener
  • Scalp Stimulation
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Hair Regrowth

Hair Restoration System

Thicker, Stronger Hair Without Surgery

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Shampoo, Conditioner and FDA-Approved Treatment strengthens hair from the root to prevent shedding and promotes new growth.

  • Deep Cleanses Hair Follicle
  • Decreases Fall Out and Shedding
  • Nourishes New Growth
  • Made From Natural Ingredients
  • Strengthens Existing Growth
  • Clinically Proven System
Order Now | 25% Off 60 day money back guarantee

Fuller Hair
In 3 Steps

By Combating Every Weakness That Contributes To Hair Loss

Step 1: Strengthen

Anti-DHT Shampoo

The base of LifeCell Anti-DHT Shampoo makes hair look shinier, thicker, and fuller, improving the volume and texture of the hair in as little as two weeks.

Anti-DHT prevents hair follicles from shrinking.
DHT inhibits and reduces the proper growth of hair in the follicles, preventing the necessary nourishment for the hair getting through for proper growth.

Step 2: Nourish

Hair Thickening Conditioner

LifeCell Hair Thickening Conditioner replenishes moistures, strengthens the hair shaft, and adds volume and shine; creating thicker and healthier looking hair without weighing it down.

When used with LifeCell Anti-DHT Shampoo and scalp therapy Hair Loss Treatment will make your hair fuller and have more body. Our formulation moisturizes the hair and scalp by infusing natural nutrients.

Step 3: Regrow


LifeCell Hair Restoration System works by helping blood flow to the hair follicles. This increases follicular size and hair shaft diameter, stimulating and prolonging hair growth.

LifeCell Hair Restoration System contains the first and only FDA approved ingredient to help regrow hair. With more than 20 years of results and numerous clinical trials, it remains the #1 dermatologist recommended treatment for hair regrowth.


How Lifecell Works

Not many people know that DHT is one of the main causes of hair loss. DHT is a hormone that binds to hair follicle receptors. Binding causes hair to weaken and die.This means no new hair is produced.

LifeCell Anti-DHT Shampoo contains three specific components that have been shown in scientific studies to have an effect on the action of DHT or dihydrotestosterone—a primary trigger for hereditary hair loss.

LifeCell Thickening Nourishing Conditioner strengthens the hair and delivers strengthening vitamins. Its lightweight formula prevents the hair from being weighed down, in turn giving it volume and the appearance of thickness.

The Restoration System includes the FDA-Approved hair growth treatment Minoxidil in a 5% dose. The highest dose currently available without a prescription. This clinically proven treatment was formulated specifically for men who are suffering from hair loss. No matter what stage of hair loss you're in, Minoxidil is proven to work.

Order Now | 25% Off 60 day money back guarantee

Get Your Confidence Back

Thicker, Stronger Hair Without Surgery

Order Now | 25% Off 60 day money back guarantee